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SSP is a SIP based IVR platform. It fully implements VXML 2.1 specifications, integrates with a number of 3rd party MRCP (v1 and v2) servers and is a self contained IVR system. It includes a set of extensions to the VXML 2.1 specifications to provide traditional IVR (recorded prompts and DTMFs) without external MRCP servers. Thus it includes everything that is required to provide an IVR platform with recorded prompts and DTMFs.

SSP consists of logical software components, called services. Services offer different capabilities for call processing. Various phases of the incoming call are processed by different servers, which are able to offer capabilities required for the current stage. There is no single point of control or failure. If a service is experiencing a failure and is unable to process a call, that call is going to be routed to a different service with necessary capabilities. If the system is reaching its capacity limits, additional services could be started/stopped dynamically, no configuration changes are required. There is no connection between logical and physical configurations – any SSP service can run on any host. Thus SSP is highly available and scalable, any reliability and performance characteristics could be achieved by configuring enough hardware components. A more detailed presentation on SSP architecture and features is available upon request..​

Products : SSP - Architecture

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