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Products: Composer

When using the Composer, the call flow is divided into a number of execution elements that the tool is able to support. Those include, for example, a prompt element, which directs ssp to play a prompt, recorded or spoken using TTS, or a branch element, that uses JavaScript variables to specify conditions for branching.

The example on the right shows how a Branch block can be used to transfer control to one of the three Speack blocks.

Additional information about the capabilities of the Composer is available upon request.

Composer is a tool that allows the user to create IVR applications just by creating an Open Office document that describes the call flow. Just by filling in the Open Office draw document shapes you create an IVR scenario that is immediately uploaded to the Tomcat www server, which implements this call flow. Changes are automatically read and merged into the current call flow as soon as they are saved. 

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