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Downloads: Read This First



  • This version is for Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 32 bits only.

  • If something does not go right, please take a look at the Downloads/FAQ page.

  • You must have internet connectivity on port 80 on the box where you are installing. No way around it.

  • Please read the information page that is opened when ssp is installed, it will tell you what to do after you install the product (where to call, etc ... ). If you miss it, you will find it in the docs directory.

  • Please make sure that you are not running internal windows firewall. If you place a call and get no answer this should be the first thing to verify.

  • If you are planning on testing TTS, you need to download, uncompress and install the basic voice package from the download page prior to the ssp installation. Please reboot after installation of that package before continuing to the next page. If you are planning on testing ASR, you need to install MRCP v1 ASR server, which is available from a variety of vendors.

  • You can run only one copy of the SSP evaluation software at a time on all computers on the network. If you installed SSP and then you need to install it on a different computer, please uninstall it from the first one.

  • There are complicated network environments in which additional configuration changes are required. If the standard install did not work for you, don't hesitate to contact us and provide logs. Please follow the procedure below when submitting logs.

  • On Windows Vista or Windows 7 the installer should be run by an account with Administrator privilegies.

How to submit logs (you may be asked by the IEC support to do that to troubleshoot issues)

  • Stop the "SSP" service if it is running.

  • Delete everything from the "logs" directory.

  • Start the "SSP" service.

  • Recreate the issue that you'd like to receive help on.

  • Stop the "SSP" service.

  • Zip up the entire "logs" directory and e-mail it to

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