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Products: PNT

PNT (INFO SHEET)is a highly flexible bulk call generator. It is implemented in software and is using SIP, MGCP or Dialogic/Intel hardware. No specialized hardware is required in the case of SIP. PNT has modular design and can be easily adapted to run on other types of hardware. It is available on MS Windows and Linux and is capable of running hundreds of concurrent calls on a single box.

Using PNT you can:

Test your SIP endpoint(s).

Test elements of your SIP infrastructure: proxies, registrars, etc ...

Test your IVR application under load.

Test your production system by placing a call once in a while and automatically reaciting to a whide range of error conditions.

PNT is driven by a script file, which is written in XML. It comes with a large number of sample files that illustrate its use.

The reliability of PNT has been proven in tests, some lasting up to 6 months.

PNT has advanced facilities to measure the timing of any call related events. It is capable of collecting measurements throughout the duration of the test and providing results in forms of histograms at the end of the run.

PNT has a command user interface, where it accepts commands that start/stop tests on groups of channels, changes the logging level and sets/displays variables. It also has a www browser based user interface. It includes a www server and can have user configured/branded screens to display test statistics.

PNT supports advanced call flow manipulation features, like error monitoring/branching and custom error recovery algorithms.

PNT supports asynchronous operations. For example, while a prompt is being played a database access could be taking place. When information is retrieved from the database, a prompt is cut and the user is informed about the outcome.

PNT comes with a set of utilities that allow it to use streamed call data to/from PNT, monitor calls in real time and connect to databases..

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