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Products: MRCP

SSP MRCP Server (INFO SHEET) is an environment, which is designed to be wrapped around a core ASR/TTS technology to allow for access to features of that technology via the MRCP protocol. At this point V1 and V2 of MRCP are supported.

In order to integrate a particular TTS/ASR implementation, the SSP MRCP server requires a plugin layer, which adopts the native interface to the requirements of the server. The specific information regarding this layer is available in the information sheet here.

The SSP MRCP server shares most of the technology with the rest of the IEC product family. In particular the MRCP/SIP/RTP stacks are all shared.

IEC also provides the TTS and ASR end user MRCP server products. It integrates the Cepstral core technology. In addition to the Cepstral integration we provide a Cloud based ASR and TTS integrations with Google, iSpeech and Acapella SaS speech engines. Additional integrations can be made very quickly. This is very cost effective since pricing of the cloud based speech engines is usually quite attractive and sometimes is even free. This is what separates us from the competition.

IEC also provides its own branded ASR implementation. The ASR engine is highly accurate and is able to handle extremely large vocabularies - 100K entries and more. These grammars are serviced with 90+ percent accuracy.

Please contact us for details regarding the MRCP implementation and pricing.

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